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The Natural-Fit Handrim enhances performance and efficiency by incorporating two components, an oval and a thumb piece that sits between the oval and the wheel rim and reduces the effort needed to grip to the rim. This ergonomic grip makes it possible to cover the same ground with less fatigue, eases pain in the hands and wrists and provides greater control when braking. 

There are two different grips available for this handrim:

The Standard Grip uses a powder coat on the thumb piece which provides a low friction surface to go along with the smooth braking surface on the oval.

The Super Grip uses an advanced copolymer coating which provides a higher friction surface on the thumb piece, this provides a grippier propulsion surface for your thumb.

These coating options are for the thumb area only, the oval component of the Natural-Fit is always hard anodized in black to provide a smooth breaking surface.

The Natural-Fit LT uses a reduced weight and smaller profile oval than the standard Natural-Fit Handrim. It is more than 17% lighter and is designed for those looking for a reduction in weight or a smaller gripping surface. 

Price per handrim thumb guard sold separately. 


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