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Pair of 24 Inch Loopwheels Extreme suspension wheels for wheelchairs. Comes as standard as wheel Rim with black aluminium handrims (tyres not included)

Please note this product is currently available for Pre - Order and will be delivered after official release in January 2020.

Loopwheels Extreme was invented in response to your feedback:

·         With a power attachment, you are travelling faster & further, and need to reduce bumps & vibration that you can feel

·         You are aware of the long-term damage of on-going vibration and want to minimise that impact

·         You want wheels that match the off-road look/style

You want a wheel that is light enough to lift in and out of the car with one hand

Extra Stability, Extra Speed, Extra Freedom

Choosing Your Spring Rate
The springs use hi-tech carbon composite materials and are available in 3 spring strengths (Soft, Regular and Stiff).

These rates will allow customers to get the best comfort and health protection for their weight and the typical activities that they undertake.

Weighing under 3lbs (1.36kg) per wheel, and removing much more vibration than any other brand of a wheel, it is the definitive wheel if you love travelling faster on tracks and off-road.

Handrim Offset options include narrow (11mm) and wide (19mm)
Upcharge option of larger Marathon Plus Off Road Puncture Protection Tyres Available.


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