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TriBike is a hybrid hand-bicycle, light (11Kg) and compact (16” wheel). It uses the standard Triride attaching system and the overall length is more or less the same of an HP16.
The power of the motor is electronically limited to 250W in order to comply  with the European laws on electric bicycles (the TriBike belongs to this category). Consequently, the speed is electronically limited to 25Km/h (15.5mph).
It features an electronic unit and software that has been specifically designed for this device. The assistance from the motor can be selected among 5 levels. There is also a specific function to assist the start (2-3 backwards turns of pedals start the motor and
move the bike forward). There is also a bicycle-style 7-gear transmission to be used to adjust and balance the manual strength and the level of motor assistance. A wise use of the mechanical gear can save energy and make the battery charge last longer.

Main technical specifications

Power: 250W
Cylindrical battery 36V 7A
Weight: 11Kg
16" wheel
Battery: 36V Liion
LCD display
5 selectable assistance levels
Dual calliper disc brake
7 gear transmission.


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