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Discover the ultimate driving experience with the striking Q700® R, the high-performance rear-wheel drive power wheelchair. Innovative Spirit Level technology and all-round suspension ensures optimal comfort on all four wheels. It can climb kerbs of up to 100 mm with a kerb climber or 80 mm without it. Enjoy comfort as standard with the amazing SEDEO® ERGO, the biomechanical seating system that mirrors your body’s natural position for an ideal seated position at all times, even during transitions!  Plus, stay connected with the world around you with a selection of easy-to-use controls, personalize your drive with QUICKIE’s patented assignable buttons and 6 seated memory positions.

Control your environment with the Q700 R SEDEO ERGO and its advanced controller technology. Available with the reliable VR2 control and the superior R-Net advanced joystick, the large, easy-to-read HD display and simple to control paddle switches allow for intuitive operation.

Q700 rear-wheel drive delivers an easy to handle and intuitive drive due to the drive wheel position and advanced suspension system. Performance outdoors is smooth and comfortable. It can climb kerbs up to 100 mm with kerb climber or 80 mm without it.
Q700 F with in-rigged castor arms design is responsive indoors and out. Driving outdoors is smooth and comfortable, whilst the small turning radius ensures fantastic indoor maneuverability.

The SEDEO PRO seating system combines a highly adjustable and configurable seating frame with the broadest choice of support and positioning options. Through the sheer number of options available, SEDEO PRO seating can be completely tailored to the individual. Once the SEDEO PRO system is tailored to you it becomes an extension of your anatomy, making it supremely comfortable.

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