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The QUICKIE Q-series is the most comprehensive range of powered wheelchairs in the world! Encompassing the most advanced drive wheel technology and offering the very best drive traction and performance in each class, the Q-series utilizes award-winning seating across the range to provide optimal postural support to suit the requirements of each and every user and always ensure maximum comfort.

The Q500 series offers the best performing drive bases in its class, all offering a rigid and responsive ride matched by increased stability over a variety of terrains. Additional enhancements mean that you will have the confidence and capability to go further than ever before. The Sedeo Pro seating system features infinite adjustment and a multitude of options to ensure all needs are catered for, whilst providing the most bespoke fit to ensure maximum comfort.

The rear-wheel drive is a stable base which offers the best kerb climbing ability. Easy to drive, provides good control with non-proportional input devices. Ideal for use outdoors over rough terrain and when climbing hills.

Q500 R offers a lower seat to floor height of 415 mm to provide good access to wheelchair adapted vehicles and tables.

The robust design of the Q500 R combined with the unparalleled performance of Full Track Suspension System, spirit level technology and built in traction control you don’t need to compromise on a smooth, stable ride with full control of your chair at all times.

The SEDEO PRO seating system combines a highly adjustable and configurable seating frame with the broadest choice of support and positioning options. Through the sheer number of options available, SEDEO PRO seating can be completely tailored to the individual. Once the SEDEO PRO system is tailored to you it becomes an extension of your anatomy, making it supremely comfortable.

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