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The Nitrum is the lightest adjustable aluminum chair on the market at just 5.2kg lifting weight. Combines weight rigidity, custom fit and fine tuning to offer the most energy efficient chair QUICKIE have ever produced. The Nitrum is for users who value pushing efficiency and lightweight design. A revolutionary chair that minimizes propulsion effort whilst maximizing movement.

The original QUICKIE is an icon that’s influenced wheelchair design for over 40 years. What made it so special? A revolutionary design principle that minimized propulsion effort whilst maximizing movement - or what we like to call Energy into Motion. The NITRUM was born to redefine that principle. To find a perfect harmony of weight, rigidity, fit and fine-tuning. Because when those come together, that’s when you truly achieve energy into motion. So we refined every detail for weight-saving rigidity. Creating aerospace inspired oval tubing that’s lighter, stiffer and stronger like no other. And we did it whilst increasing adjustability and sizing. The result? A wheelchair that harmonizes your geometry with its own. Positioning you for maximum energy transfer, so you get direct reactions with minimal effort. A seriously-addictive ride, the NITRUM lets you to go further, faster and longer without the worry of fatigue. Easy to fine-tune and even easier to lift, it’s a wheelchair that’s shaped around you - and your everyday life. Lets take you through our new spin on Energy into Motion.

With fewer stress points thanks to its elongated sides, QUICKIE’s unique oval tubing is stronger than a conventional round tube. Less likely to flex under pressure, the eloquent oval frame is also lighter as the shape uses less material. But that’s not all - frame clamps can’t rotate on an oval shape, so there are less moving parts too!

Increasing strength doesn’t always mean increasing weight. That’s why the NITRUM’s oval frame is sculpted from aerospace-grade 7020 Aluminum. Boasting exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio, we specially heat-treat the 7020 to unlock its true potential. The result is a hardened frame that can be significantly thinner and lighter without any sacrifice to strength.

A unique-twist to backrest folding With one hand, simply grab the (optional) Twist-and-Lock backrest bar and twist it to release, fold and load the NITRUM into your car. With double-locking, you can also use the same bar to lift the chair. It’ll also lock without removing your sideguards or low-profile cushion too.

The NITRUM has two ergonomic grab bars (complete with rubber grip pads) on the backrest and cross-tube for lifting. Helping you to grip and balance your wheelchair, it’ll also reduce the strain on your wrists (particularly during repetitive daily-lifting)

Seat width 320 - 500 mm (in 20 mm steps)
Seat depth 340 - 500 mm (in 20 mm steps)
Front seat height 430 - 550 mm
Rear seat height 300 - 550 mm
Backrest height 250 - 450 mm
Backrest angle from 59° to 105°
Frame versions Rigid, Open-Frame Frame angle 100°, 92°, 88°
Castor wheel size 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”
Rear wheel size 24”, 25”
WEIGHTS & USE Maximum user weight 125 kg Wheelchair weight From 7.5 kg
Transport weight From 5.9 kg
Crash tested Yes (approved for transport in a vehicle according to ISO 7176-19)


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