Quickie Match Point Titanium Sports Wheelchair


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TITANIUM SPORTS WHEELCHAIR FRAME For the lightest possible weight, choose the QUICKIE Match Point Ti sports wheelchair. Its titanium seat frame shaves over 1.1kg off the wheelchair's overall weight! Perfect for an avid athlete, titanium is also scratch and corrosion resistant. Bring a new level of confidence and competitive spirit to the tennis court with the Quickie Match Point sports wheelchair. Designed for agility and control, the Match Point's lightweight frame is custom built for you and can be easily adjusted to maximise your wheelchair tennis game.

CENTRE-OF-MASS ADJUSTMENT SYSTEM Our patented centre-of-mass adjustment system provides 9cm of centre-of-gravity adjustment and up to 13cm of vertical seat squeeze adjustment without having to make changes in fork size, castor size, castor-stem size, or fork-hole location. This allows you to optimise your sports wheelchair's set-up for manoeuvrability and efficiency without adding complexity or extra parts.

THE TENNIS WHEELCHAIR WITH A WIDE FOOTPRINT. The Match Point features an extra wide front footprint, meaning the castor wheels are set further apart than other sports wheelchairs. This wide stance gives you additional stability when you are leaning forward in your tennis game or to the side to return a tough shot.


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