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Go anywhere. Do anything.
The kschall© Ultra-Light is a light and compact chair designed to suit an active lifestyle, improving both high mobility and independence. The revolutionary ?one finger? folding system, the optional foldable backrest and the adduction frame allow the user an unequivocal level of freedom without compromising on quality and driving performance.
The kschall© Ultra-Light offers the user exactly the kind of support he or she needs to push the limits. The new design, driving performance as well as manoeuvrability have been created to suit the active daily life of the Ultra-Light user. It is a foldable chair designed for high performance.

Fold, lift and go!
Kschall© users lead active lives and they often need a chair which is easy to fold, light to lift and small enough to simply stow in the car. With the new Ultra-Light, kschall© offers a possibility to fulfil each need in one practical chair. The new ?one finger? folding system allows those users with reduced strength and/or hand function to fold the chair without having to apply unnecessary strength. The lightness of the chair makes it easy to handle and move. A new optional foldable backrest makes the chair even more compact and easy to store when required.

Good is not enough. It needs to be outstanding.
The kschall© Ultra-Light 2009 has many new features and options including an optional folding backrest, adduction frame possibility, new cross-brace design, carbon mud and clothes guards. The frame is offered in all kschall© colours including the new ?Smokey grey? and ?Umber glaze?.


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