Invacare XLT Fixed Titanium Wheelchair



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Get Perfect Support - Remain Active!

The new Invacare XLT is the ideal active, rigid chair for day to day use. Designed to be perfectly
adjusted to fit the body the XLT offers its users a wide range of various levels of support,
enabling and even improving independence and mobility.

Simply Compatible

Complex chair-specific solutions and spare parts are a thing of the past with
the new Invacare XLT. Benefit from the extensive and readily available
range of Invacare options which can be easily fitted to the XLT

Stability, Rigidity and Security for an Active Life

Made entirely from titanium the XLT gives its user stability and rigidity
without compromising on weight. In combination with the wide range of
options, features and configuration possibilities offered with the XLT the
user will benefit from a chair which offers the maximum security and support
needed when going about busy day to day life.

The Perfect Fit

The XLT has been designed with the individual in mind. Measured,
constructed and fitted to suit the precise requirements of each user, the XLT
is the ideal chair to help regain, retain and improve both mobility and

Proven Quality

Invacare, together with Rea have made no compromises when it comes to
the new XLT . Designed and built at the Rea factory in Sweden, users will
benefit from the strong tradition of both Invacare® and Rea quality fused to
create one unique chair: The Invacare XLT


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