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The Joy On the Beach is the original beach wheelchair, equipped with innovative balloon wheels making it easy to move on every kind of surface.

With a composition in aluminum alloy, high-strength and resistant to corrosion, JOB Chair is an extremely durable beach chair, that guarantees to the user years and years of enjoyment.

Lightweight but sturdy, JOB Chair is equipped with two innovative pneumatic 17" wheels, that makes travelling in the sand easier, as well as the access to the sea and the transfer to and from the pool.

Fully dismountable without requiring the use of tools, you can easily transport your J.O.B. chair, taking it to where you want, even on a flight if you have its transport bag.

To highlight the versatility of JOB Chair, which can be used as a mean of transport on the beach, mean of access to the sea or even as a mean of transfer to and from the pool.



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