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The Travelon Water Bottle & Mobile Phone Holder is much more than just a Water Bottle & Mobile Phone Holder. All in one device, you can keep your phone, drinks, pens, and more at once, and all securely fitted to your wheelchair, walker, crutches, scooters, or handbikes with three rotating velcro straps. The Water Bottle and Mobile Phone Holder is built like wetsuit: Resilient, flexible, and waterproof. That makes it great for wallets and IDs as well. It's great-looking and adjusts to fit most bottle sizes. Great product great price.


- Holds a mobile phone and water bottle - all at the same time.
- Also great for small wallets or ID card holders.
- Holds many sizes of water bottles, up to and including large sports bottles
- 3 rotating velcro straps fit any wheelchair, crutch, walker, handbike, etc.
- Water bottle holder zips closed when not in use for a sleek, convenient Mobile phone holder
- Sturdy, flexible wet-suit type material means the holder will not break when your chair or walker is loaded into a vehicle and bumps up against things.


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