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Base, the special version has a more powerful motor, which gives great speed and ability to go off-roading smoothly.

Forest trails, countryside roads, seaside promenades and hard-to-access villages will no longer be beyond your reach with Triride Special Versatile, lightweight, speed, it ensures high performance, its weight is about 12 KG and battery life makes 50 km distance possible.

Advanced set up with computer, gear reverse, cruise control and engine brake Triride Special is perfect to lave on indoors if you are in wide space and at the same time its powerful outdoor capabilities. A revolutionary power attachment system that doesn't always have to be removed to get into shops.

Four different colours are available, there are several optional and accessories to live a new life with Triride.

Will fit to most rigid wheelchairs, and also some folding wheelchairs. Contact us for more details on folding wheelchairs. Demonstration model available

Technical specifications:

Weight: 9 Kg
36V Ion-lithium battery, without “memory effect” as std
50Km (30+ miles) range.
5 hours for a complete battery charge (much less for a partial one).
Driving wheel: 14” reinforced aluminium rim, with city or mountain bike tyres available. Optional 12″ wheel.
90° turning radius: allows U-turning on the spot.
Speed controlled by a thumb-operated accelerator on the handlebar and limited by the electronic control unit, which is programmable in compliance with legal requirements.
The electronic unit also controls forward and reverse ride, cruise control, motor brake and kinetic battery charge “Regen System” that charges the battery when the vehicle is in use: riding downhill and braking.
Powerful disc brake. Stainless steel frame.
European conformity certified. Patented model and trademark.

2-year guarantee (1 year for the battery)


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