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Fully machine washable wheelchair cushion

From a hygienic point of view it ispreferred that a wheelchair cushion can be washed. Especially after bowel orbladder accidents. It is unpleasant if you have to remove the filling beforewashing. The new Vicair O2 range cushion can be put in the washing machine inits entirety. The SmartCells in the cushion do not have to be removed beforewashing and the maximum washing temperature is 60°C. Therefore the cushion isperfect for use in nursing homes and/or for everyone that desires maximumhygiene of their wheelchair cushion.


* The Vector O2 is the first airdisplacement wheelchair cushion that is entirely machine washable without theuse of a laundry bag.


100% breathable and ventilation

The Vector O2’s open cushion structureensures 100% breathability and ventilation. Using a breathable cushion improvestemperature and humidity control, increases comfort and reduces the effect ofshear and friction on tissue deformation, thereby reducing the risk ofdeveloping pressure ulcers.


Boxing Effect for maximum stability andoptimal comfort

The cushion has a zipper running all theway around the cushion’s mid-section, which allows it to better retain itsvolume, increasing support and reducing the risk of SmartCells slipping outfrom under the user. The Boxing Effect also allows the therapist to adjust thenumber of SmartCells (only if necessary) while the user remains seated on thecushion.



Width    35 to 60 cm*

Depth   35 to 60 cm*

Height   6 and 10 cm

Cushion weight 6 cm       +/-500 gram – depending on size

Cushion weight 10 cm    +/- 850gram – depending on size

Max. user weight             15– 250 kg

Machine washable          Yes

Drying time         Air dry 5to 6 hours

Washing instructions      Washthe cushion at 60°C max. using a gentle cycle and a mild detergent. Do not dryclean and do not use chlorine bleach. Do not tumble dry the Vector O2, but letit air dry.

Material               Latexfree


Standard cover  O2 Top Cover 2x

Machine washable          Max.60°C

Optional               Comfair-en Incontinence Cover

Material               Latexfree


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