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The Vicair Active offers the unique combination of ergonomically shaped foam and Vicair SmartCells. The three rear SmartCell compartments provide a high level of comfort and skin protection, and offload the seat bones and tailbone area. The foam front compartment makes transfers easy. It also gives a great sense of stability and better wheelchair handling. The cushion is made of watertight (yet comfortably breathable) textile, that is washable at 60°C. The Vicair Active has an easy accessible storage pouch for precious belongings (keys, phone, wallet). In short: everything you need to maintain your active lifestyle!

The Vicair Active wheelchair cushion is also a high performance addition to a pressure ulcer treatment plan.

Ischial well offloading the IT-coccyx area | Trochanter support: firmer density to provide lateral stability and to redistribute pressure to help create an ischial well | Ergonomically-shaped foam for easy transfers | SmartCell-Foam barrier prevents sliding forward


Height 6 and 9 cm
Average weight 700 grams
Max. user weight 200 kg
Machine washable 60°C (when emptied!)


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