JAY Easy Visco Wheelchair Cushion


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High level comfort and positioning with mild pressure redistribution.
Product Features:
• Lightweight precontoured foam with medial/ lateral thigh support
• Visco elastic foam in the seat well to allow immersion of the ischial tuberosities and load distribution to the femurs
• Sacral and seat rail notches
• Curved or flat base for use with solid or sling seat
• Incontinence cover as standard with option for microclimatic cover
• Solid seat (as option)
Clinical Application:
• Client with mild symmetric or asymmetric posture and moderate postural support requirements
• Provides moderate lateral stability as well as moderate forward/rearward stability
• Clients with low to moderate risk of skin breakdown and low shear risk
• Independent weight shifts

Curved Or Flat Base
The JAY Easy wheelchair cushion comes in either a curved base (for use on a seat sling) or a flat base (for use on a solid seat pan or in combination with a solid insert). This option insures that the cushion maintains stability on any of these seating surfaces.

Moisture-Resistant Cover with No-Slip Bottom
A moisture-resistant cover assists with incontinence management by protecting the JAY Easy's foam base from moisture build-up. Its no-slip surface keeps the cushion in place during daily use and transfers.


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