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This unique design improves posture and increases the support surface area, effectively dispersing weight away from specific pressure points. The combination of improved posture and increased support surface area will contribute significantly to pressure ulcer prevention. This deep cushion is suitable for heavier clients (up to 30 stone), and those considered 'At Risk' of developing pressure ulcers.

Moulding allows Flo-Tech cushions to provide a 3D form, which cannot be emulated in cut foam. Moulded foam is highly durable, increasing the product's longevity. The pommel at the front of the cushion separates the thighs, encouraging good posture and allows air to circulate.

Offers improved stability and postural support. The castellations of the cushion allow slight movement which in turn reduces pressure. The contoured surface helps to prevent the client sliding forward, therefore reducing the potential for shear and friction forces.

Suitable for individuals 'at risk' of developing pressure ulcers.

Three dimensional anatomically shaped poly urethane foam for increased pressure redistribution, postural stability and postural promoting.

Cushion height makes it suitable for heavier or bony individuals, or those who wish to increase their sitting height.


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