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Designed for active individuals, the MX2 is an ultra lightweight backrest with a fresh look and attractive design. A stylish add-on to any lightweight manual wheelchair, the MX2 offers exceptional support to the lower trunk and pelvis, adding comfort and stability for optimised function – either to self-propel or engage in day to day activities. With the MX2, you have it all – aesthetics, support, comfort and functionality.


Lightweight carbon fibre shell

The MX2 has been specially designed using several layers of carbon fibre to optimise flex and shock absorption. This means that the backrest will have the flexibility to accommodate the individual’s movements whilst helping to keep them in a midline position; which is exactly what an active person needs – stable freedom of movement. It will also play a major role in vibration dampening, especially when combined with the carbon fixation hardware, which enables users to ride more comfortably.


The perfect shape The MX2 offers a 76 mm depth of anatomical contouring for enhanced lateral stability and immersion of the trunk. Lateral cutouts for the hips allow increased freedom of movement; ideal when leaning laterally for pressure relief or when reaching to pick up objects. The scapula cutout allows for freedom of movement of the shoulder blade, without compromising on support, allowing the individual to self-propel efficiently, even with a higher back. 


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