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This is a returned JAY 3 Carbon Fibre Backrest, this item is in an almost brand new condition with Quick Release Mounting hardware and accessories included.

Available for purchase online (shipping charge required if delivery needed) or purchase/ fitting to your current  wheelchair at our Farnborough based showroom once additional fitting charges have been applied.

Lightweight, strong and stylish
Carbon fibre is lightweight and strong - therefore the ideal material for this backrest. Offering the same strength as aluminium (but 60% lighter), the J3 Carbon backrest reduces the weight that a wheelchair users has to push and transfer. Day-by day, you’ll feel the difference!

Adjustable to your needs
Different needs demand different solutions. The four back heights (from 17cm - 38cm) focus on the active user with a need for low to moderate posterior trunk support. Mild lateral trunk support is provided by the 5cm contour depth. 

Choose your mounting system
The J3 carbon backrest is available with two different mounting systems. The rigid system offers fixed frame wheelchair users an ultra-lightweight two-point attachment whilst the two-point quick release system is ideal for folding wheelchairs. Both systems are easy to handle and offer the same adjustments in angle, depth, height and width to adapt to your individual needs. 


  - JAY 3 Carbon fibre backrest-Back width: Chair back width 36cm-35-40 
  - JAY 3 Carbon fibre backrest-Back height: 24cm height LT-LTT 
  - JAY 3 Carbon fibre backrest-Mounting: Quick Release mounting -QR 
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