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The Unstoppable gear bag twin set has been designed for multiple purposes, facilitating independent travel is a core use. The large gear bag is intended for hold check in while the connecting backpack conforms to international hand baggage allowances. The Unstoppable twin set lets you transport heavy hold luggage while also transporting your cabin luggage at the same time. The two bags clip together to form one unit for easy transportation.

The two bag system consists of an 87L large bag and smaller 31L cabin sized backpack.

It’s easy for the independent traveller to disconnect the backpack from the larger bag at check in. The 31L backpack is then easily slung over the back of the wheelchair and used as hand luggage. On arrival the two bags are connected together again. With the pull out handle the luggage is suitable for non wheelchair use.

This bag has many applications for everyday use, whether you travel frequently for work, pleasure or sport the Unstoppable gear bag can accompany you all the way. Easy access is perfect to load and transport items without having to disconnect the bag from the chair.


The Unstoppable twin set is designed to fit the majority of rigid frame lightweight wheelchairs.

In standard form Unstoppable will fit rigid frame lightweight wheelchairs that have straight, round tube bars on the rear of the backrest, please follow the following instructions to ensure comptability:

  • Download and print the measure tool PDF
  • Using scissors carefully cut out the entire yellow area.
  • Fold along the dotted line down the middle of the measure tool.

Using scissors carefully cut along the length of the red line indicated by the scissor icon creating a slot where the red line was – Do not cut beyond the red line.

With the printed side facing upwards wrap the measuring tool around the backrest bar feeding the pointed end through the slot.

With a pen mark the point on the measure tool indicated by the arrow. This number is the circumference of your backrest bar.


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