Second Hand Invacare Action3NG with Wheelchair Powerpack - May Sell Seperately

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Nearly new Invacare Action3 NG wheelchair 17"x18" in black, purchased from EPC Farnborough in January 2017. In addition it has removable full length arms and caliper brakes for fuller control by the attendant. Measurements are : width 64cm, length 75cm, height 96cm and weight 14kg.

Also for sale with the wheelchair or as I separate item is a nearly new battery powerpack to aid the attendant when the terrain requires the use of some extra power. 

Please email or telephone below to ask for further information.  

For Sale:  Action 3NG wheelcchair = £499 (originally £833) or £699 with powerpack included.  Powerpack may be sold seperately for £200

John Norris
Email :
Tel : 01344 531183 or 07903651731



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