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Explorer II off-road hand trike

This heavy-duty off-roader is five years old and in good condition, and cost £6,300 when new. Due to work commitments, it has been difficult to find the time to enjoy this beast, and so has only been used about a dozen times, and mainly in road competitions.

The front end flexes with full suspension for a comfortable ride, using two Monarch Rock Shox RL which have manually adjustable rebound dial and lock/unlock levers at the top of the handlebars. Disc brakes are fitted on each of the front wheels and are operated by a standard brake lever. There is no official parking brake mechanism, however there is a velcro strap that can be used to engage the rear brake when parked if desired.

Rear wheel also has individual disc brake, also controlled by separate lever on the handlebars, and a built-in Shimano hub gear. Under the seat is a flexible joint between the rear wheel frame and main body, with suspension from a Monarch Rock Shox XX. This has a manual setting dial for the rebound and can also be locked/unlocked using a button on the handlebars.

The trike is driven using ergonomic hand pedals coated in a moulded rubber and can be removed/changed for an adapted alternative. There is a small graze on the end of one pedal where it has caught on a rock, but this does not affect its use or cause any discomfort. The hand pedals are located down in the main frame and steering when pedaling is done using the chest pad which is connected to the front steering via steering cables. Steering using the chest pad is done using by tilting the angle of the pad using the upper body, shoulders or chest, depending on personal ability. The chest pad is adjustable in height and angle to suit the user. When freewheeling or going downhill, it is not necessary to use the chest pad and you can sit upright and steer with the handlebars as you would a quad bike.

It has two different gearing configurations: first is standard pedaling for ordinary terrain, second is gearing for going up steep hills, making it very light work and manageable. Built into the hand pedals is a Schlumpf mountain drive orbital gear, offering two different gearings sets based on difficulty of the terrain. The mountain drive can be engaged by pressing the button located in the crank giving a total of 22 gears. In addition, the main gear change control is located on the handlebars with a simple up/down trigger mechanism. 

The seat is a carbon fibre tub seat with a removable washable pad. There is no adjustment to the size/shape/location of the seat as this was standard with production. The lower leg rests are also carbon fibre with removable and washable pads, and are also fixed in size and location.

Generally, the paintwork is in excellen condition, with a couple of tiny chips less than 2mm in size. The main frame is black satin finish: in some of the images, due to the brightness of the sun, the logo which is red appears orange and the black does look faded, which is not the case. The paintwork on the chest pad shaft has flaked where it has been moved up and down for adjustment and as a result of normal wear and tear. Some of the very fine lines of the transfers have lifted in some areas. The tyres are in good condition with plenty of tread and rubber handlebar grips are also in good condition. The stop on one of the steering cables has come off at some point, but has had no negative impact on any part of it.

Price £3,750

Specs and dimensions:

Max seat hip width 16"

Upper leg length (from back of seat to end of knee) Max. 25"

Lower leg tray length 18"

Lower leg tray height 13" to floor

Back of seat to handlebars 40"

Floor to handlebar height 26"

Front width external (wheel to wheel) 41"

Wheel rims: Dartmoor raider 24"

Seat and leg trays: carbon fibre with removable padding

Adjustable height chest steering pad

Total length 2.25m (approx)

Tyres big Betty 62-507 24"x2.40"

Monarch rock shox XX: 1 x rear (under seat), front remote switchable between hard and soft

Monarch rock shox RL: 2 x front (below handlebars)

Brakes: shimano xt Hydraulic disc brakes 2 x front, 1 x rear


Schlumpf mountain drive (two modes), 27t front sprocket

Shimano alfine 11 (IGH) hub gear, 18t rear sprocket 

Contact Kris enquiries@wheelygoodfitness.com


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