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This is an Ex - Demonstration Tarta Original Backrest ready for purchase at our Farnborough based showroom.

Comes with height adjustable complete connecctor for foldable wheelchairs. Large size with 5 vertebrae and contoured shape. Fitting to your current wheelchair can be arranged with an additional fitting charge.

TARTA® is a modular system designed to adapt to and improve the posture of all those who need to sit for a prolonged period of time. The steel core at the centre of the vertebrae gives the whole back flexibility and strength. The more flexible upper part allows for natural body movement whilst still being strong enough to control posture. Comfortable pads in different sizes are then added allowing for optimal customisation and making every TARTA® back unique.


Each TARTA® back can be constructed according to individual needs from a wide choice of component parts.
Available in four widths and a choice of standard or Contoured 'ribs' which can be adjusted and curved easily to provide a perfect fit. Each padded cushion, is attached to the main structure with velcro, offering further adaptability and are covered in a breathable, washable fabric for total long term comfort.


TARTA® backrests reflect true Italian design and style.
Advanced materials are given an aesthetically beautiful shape, creating a backrest that improves and enhances every application. Can be easily mounted to most wheelchairs.

If you are interested in this product and require any further information please contact us on 01252547939 or email on sales@epc-wheelchairs.co.uk


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